Gold vibes only.


Different types of Goldcats.

LVL1 Common


The most common Goldcat. 

Raw clean concrete style with painted eyes and a big painted heart on the chest.

LVL2 Epic


The popular choice Goldcat. 

Completely covered in spray paint. With the iconic heart on the chest. Beautiful cats.

LVL3 Mythical


The rarest Goldcat of all. 

Completely painted by hand. Proud cats with a difficult attitude. Very unusual to find.


Goldcat locations and status.


by Goldhart.

"Art made with heart."

Goldhart is my alter ego, identity and my passion.
André Guldhjärta the artist behind the cats have worked with different creative arts for almost my entire life. But I have never followed my own path. I want this to reflect my inner artistic self and for you to experience and enjoy. I've been through a lot before I got to this point but now it's time for me to welcome you all to the cat club. As you know, I am a mysterious guy from Malmö who makes cat sculptures and the cats tend to appear in different places around the city. These sculptures are created with the heart and captured in a body. If you are lucky, you can find one or two collectible works of art on the street. I want to celebrate traditional crafts with my cats. The future will provide many more things for those who are waiting. So stay tuned for more news on instagram.